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The Business Empress Podcast with Samantha J

Jan 9, 2022

Have you ever considered writing a book in which you may express yourself and the message that you feel compelled to share? Have you thought of publishing a best-selling book? Have you ever wondered if speaking up and expressing what you needed to say to the world would make a difference? We all want to contribute something wonderful for ourselves and the world and we want to be authentic as we are in doing so, but how can we accomplish this?

In another solo episode with Samantha J, she will be speaking today about the process of being true with creating the international #1 best seller book: StandUp, Speak Up: A Bible for Entrepreneurs to Release Imposter Syndrome, Stop Hiding and Find the Courage, and Confidence to Build an Empire that Shapes a Better World. 

If you want to stand up and speak up for this world to become a better place, then this episode is for you! Tune in now and be empowered to start exposing your message with the world!


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